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Seaside Dream Blouse

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Seaside Dream Blouse
The perfect wearable art of an effortless look; this hand painted blouse is the ideal mix of casual yet chic. Made of rayon, this lightweight blouse features loose fitting short sleeves, a wide neckline, and a relaxed fit all year round. You can’t forget about the gorgeous design – black boats gentle sailing on the bay with a background of brown, yellow and blue hills and what it seems a high rise full of black windows; check the blue sky, the water landscape, the marshes...all together with many abstract shapes of greens, browns and yellow. It resembles the image of a dream by the seaside - undoubtedly wearable art that will be the center of a conversation with friends and strangers! Pair this blouse with jeans or black leggings and head over for a great night out!
You may notice paint spots and shade variations in the fabric. These paint spots and shade variations are the result of the hand painting process and add to the uniqueness and beauty of each piece. These characteristics should not be considered defective.
This blouse is one size fits most. Suggested fit Small - 3XL.
Model is 5' 1" tall
27" L
39" W
12" W Neck
13" L Sleeve
9" Sleeve Opening

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