Our Journey


We are Sylvia and Camila — a mother and daughter duo. We started Sylca Designs with one vision: to empower women to feel fashionable, beautiful and, most importantly, confident.


After spending many years as a sales representative in the fashion industry, Sylvia decided she wanted to start her own line of jewelry. She reached out to her daughter Camila, who at the time was attending Drexel University for marketing, to see if she would be interested in joining her on an adventure of a lifetime. The pair’s appreciation for nature and art made this a very exciting venture for the mother-daughter team, and certainly one that they will never forget.

Meet Sylvia

I was born in Colombia, have a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MBA. As you can imagine, my cultural homeland has an underlying influence on me, however, I have embraced many cultures and a lifestyle that is contemporary and true to my passion.

My Favorite Food?
Mediterranean. I love hummus!

My Favorite Country That I’ve traveled to?
The Netherlands because the history, culture, and food speak to me, and I have an attraction to unique yet grounded lifestyles. I also love the fact that most people there ride bikes as their mode of transportation.

My Favorite Movie?
“Words and Pictures” not only because the acting was genuine and heartfelt but because the discussion and intention behind this movie is a stand to bring philosophy and art together. This discussion is a passion for me and is also evident in our collection.

My Favorite Workout? Yoga (which means join and connect) because it strengthens mind and body while connecting them and transcending the mere physical being. It feels like a physical manifestation of bringing philosophy and art together.

Meet Camila

I was born in Colombia and moved to the United States when I was 12 years old. I consider myself to be bi-cultural which I find to be very beneficial to me in my personal and professional life. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing from Drexel University. My real passion has always been art, which is very evident in our art-to-wear collection.

My Favorite food?
Mexican. I just love spicy food!

Favorite Country to Which I’ve traveled? Definitely Turkey! I studied abroad in Turkey for 4 months and completely fell in love with it. Especially Istanbul – Seeing how the western culture fuses with a more conservative predominately Muslim society is extremely interesting to me. The history in Istanbul is never ending, and the topography can be mesmerizing.

Favorite Movie? “Chef“. I loved the inspiration this movie has on people that leave distinguished jobs to do what they love. It is a fun witty movie that makes you happy.