Sylca Styles: Gift Sets

Are you ever looking for that special gift, but stuck on what to get? You need the perfect gift for Mother's Day, a fun gift for your best friends birthday, a trendy gift for your sister's promotion; the list goes on and on..
Well, we've got you covered! Gift sets make the perfect gift for any occasion! You've most likely seen them trending online when your googling for that perfect gift. (We've all been there) They are a fun idea for gift giving and there's literally something for everyone!
For the upcoming holiday season, we put together some jewelry gift sets that we think you'll love! The sets will include coordinating pieces from our handcrafted collections at a special bundled price!
Below are some of the sets we will offer, so start making a list of all the people you think will love our unique and handcrafted gift sets this season! (go ahead send a little hint to that special someone we won't judge)
Which ones are already on your wish list?
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