Shades Of Yellow - How Wearing this Color Can Help Your Mood.

Shades Of Yellow - How Wearing this Color Can Help Your Mood.

Here at Sylca we are known for COLOR and boldness. We love creating colorful jewelry and artistic clothing that will help you stand out! But one of our favorite parts of using color it's the emotional connection that can be created to the design based on the colors we use.

While certain colors can bring spiritual enlightenment, others can convey happiness and love. Today we will be focusing on different shades of yellow.

Yellow tends to stimulate happiness and optimism! 

We just absolutely LOVE  bold yellows! The radiant color is the happiest of all colors. It exudes warmth, cheerfulness, and energy.

Gold is a shade of yellow so it has some of the same feeling associated to it, but in addition to warmth and happiness, gold is tied to achievement, accomplishment, and triumph.

Last, but not least champagne, this color usually brings on happiness and the feeling of joy since it is associated with the drink used to celebrate special events!

We hope you like our shades of yellow collection and love all the joy and happiness this color can bring to your life.

Share with us your favorite color and why you love it.

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