How It's Made - Behind the Design at Sylca Design

How It's Made: Behind the Design at Sylca Design

How we started...
THE LOVE OF GREAT DESIGN has always been a part of our Sylca story and our inspiration to create can truly be drawn from anywhere. This journey to design began when Sylvia and her husband owned a small construction supply company in Colombia. With the aspiration to help create a feeling of comfort with luxury — blending the practical with the desirable — Sylvia drew on her creativity to help home builders design and decorate living spaces that evoked emotion within their model homes.  After moving to the United States,  her love for fashion and accessories took over as she began the next step of the journey working for a variety of designers styling consumers, and selling to boutiques locally.  Her keen eye for trends, great color, and unique design blossomed the idea to create her own line of jewelry.
Where we are now... 

We draw our inspiration for our designs from the natural elements around us to create geometric patterns and unique shape. Each collection is designed in the US and then brought to life by our artisans in the Philippines. These Artisan Collectives carefully handcraft each component using natural elements such as wood, compressed paper, and shell, plus complementary elements, such as hand molded resin, to bring the design together. We choose materials that are easy to work with and can be molded and shaped into the unique pieces that make up jewelry collections. Combined together, natural color variations add a feeling of texture, while our molded resin pieces add intense color that truly empower the wearer to beautiful, confident and create their own style.
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Sylvia & Camila
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