How to accessorize a white dress even in the cooler months

How to accessorize a white dress even in the cooler months

Once upon a time it was frowned upon to wear white after Labor Day, but don’t put your white dress away just yet! That old saying is a thing of the past and more and more white is becoming a year-round staple.

One of the great things about a simple white dress is how versatile it is. As long as you style it properly, a white dress is a perfect staple piece that can be worn throughout the year.

To get technical for a moment, “accessory” means a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. So, we’ve put together a guideline of various ways to accessorize your little white dress and rock it!

4 Ways To Style A White Dress

Tip 1- Jewelry. Are you surprised this is number one on our list? Jewelry is the easiest way to accessorize and add dimension to your outfit. Try a chunky necklace, or statement earrings! Think color. Choose colors that are “in season” such as shades of brown, mustard, or hues of blue.

Tip 2- Layer up. This is an easy way to transition to the cooler months. For example, any type of jacket or cardigan, and a cute, patterned scarf. Keep in mind the fabrics, you want to make sure you’re choosing fabrics that fit the time of year your dressing for. This time of year denim, leather, suede, or tweed are all good choices.

Tip 3- Extras. Think cute boots, a fun hat, or even a belt. All these “extras” help contribute to keeping your outfit seasonal.

Tip 4- Make up. The finishing touch. We love a good pop of lip color this time of year!

4 White Dress Looks We Love

For this look we took a simple white dress and layered it with a tweed mustard jacket, our mustard and black Lauren statement necklace and brown booties. Mustard is the perfect fall color and helps bring this dress into season.
We kept it more casual with this look. A denim jacket is a season staple and perfect over a white dress! We paired it with our multicolor Chaplet necklace. The colors in this necklace pair perfectly with the denim jacket and pop against the white dress. Casual fashion sneakers finish off this fun fall look!
You can never go wrong with black and white! Same simple white dress, layered with a black leather bomber jacket to ward off those chilly days. Our black and white stripped Clara necklace adds the perfect pop to tie together the black and white.
We kept this last look simple with a scarf and statement earrings. This outfit is ideal for that transition between seasons when its not too cold yet but its not summer anymore. Our Barri earrings and mustard scarf add the right amount of color to keep a white dress seasonal.

What we love about accessorizing an outfit for a specific season is you most likely have everything you need right in your closet! With just a few staple pieces and our easy guideline, the possibilities are endless! Have fun with it!

Tell us which look is your favorite!


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