Denim Shirt Outfit Ideas

Denim Shirt Outfit Ideas

Denim has been around for a long time and is such a versatile fashion trend. It can be worn casually as everyday wear, for semi formal events such a dinner dates, or even as business casual attire. Denim is also easily accessorized. You can essentially pair denim with any color or pattern you choose. The possibilities are endless – have fun with it!

Denim goes way back, even before making its debut as "fashionable". It first became popular for workers because of its toughness. Men needed something durable while working intense jobs of labor-intensive jobs. As jeans evolved, stars such as Elvis Presley and James Dean started wearing them which helped their reputation in the fashion world. When it became more popular for women to wear jeans, Marilyn Monroe was among the first to help popularize them.

Over time, the evolution and popularity of jeans have come a long way; from workwear solely due to durability to becoming a fashion statement. Bell bottoms, skinny jeans, oversized jean jackets, chambray shirts, and jean skirts; the list goes on and on. Denim is the one trend that we don’t see going out of style any time soon and we’re here for it.

We took one of our favorite denim button-up tunics and styled it multiple ways to show you how easy it is to accessorize denim.

Look one – Blue on blue

We went with hues of blue for this look. We love the multiple shades of blue in our Ocean three strand wooden necklace and wooden bracelet against the darker denim tunic. It offers a subtle look, yet still makes a statement.

Look two – Pop of color

For a fun look that stands out more we layered our denim tunic with our mixed media Larkin necklace. This necklace features fun decoupage design and bright colors which really stand out against the denim.

Look three – Seeing red

You can never go wrong with red. It is an extremely popular color for accessories as it easily complements outfits, making a bold statement. Our red leather loop Adelyn necklace is lightweight and perfectly pairs with the denim tunic.

Each of these looks can easily be put together with jewelry right from your own jewelry box. You can keep it more subtle if you prefer or have fun with it and go bold; the options are endless. The versatility of the denim makes it easy to wear. Pick your favorite accessory and just go with it!
Which look is your favorite? Do you tend to keep your accessories low key, or go bold with color?


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