4 Tips for Looking Good on Zoom Calls

4 Tips for Looking Good on Zoom Calls

Zoom or video calls is the new way for us to present ourselves so it is important to know how to look best as our visual impression is now limited to a square on the screen.

4 Simple tips to look best on your next zoom call.

Tip 1 – Accessorize with jewelry or scarves

Wear some! A bold necklace can do so much for your neckline and draws attention to your face! In addition, jewelry will always make you look more put together even if you are not. I personally love a big statement necklace with simple coordinating earrings. When on zoom I tend to go for the shorter pieces so they fit into the screen. If you prefer large earrings this is also a great option and will frame your face very nicely.

Tip 2 - Wear make-up

I love wearing BB cream because it has a slight tint to it, but it’s not a full coverage. I wear it almost every day because it has SPF, moisturizes and helps even out my skin. So when it comes to zoom I do the same. I add little blush to help me look more awake and alive because let's get real running a business, taking care of a toddler and being pregnant is super exhausting so anything to make me look awake I will take. Lastly either some chapstick or lipstick to make my lips pop and make sure they don’t look chapped.

Tip 3 – Wear Color

What you wear around your face is so important to look good in screen. Pick colors that are flattering to your skin tone. If you are not sure which colors are best on your skin tone you can read the bellow guide to learn more.
You can do this with your tops or with your jewelry. If I have to jump into a quick zoom meeting and don’t have time to really get ready I opt for solid basic tones like, grey, white, tan or black. And then pop everything with accessories weather it's a statement necklace or earrings.

Tip 4 – Carefully choose your hair style

If you have long hair and you are anything like me, you play a lot with your hair and that can be distracting to the person you are talking to. When I was in college I remember being at an interview that went very well, but at the end the interviewer gave me some constructive feedback and one of the recommendations was style your hair in a way that will not distract you. Ever since, I try to wear my hair up or in a style where I do not play with it while in meetings. I think this is even more important when on zoom since the focus is on your face/shoulder area.

If you have any tips I may have missed please share them with us! We love to hear from you

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