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Small Plaid Button Down Shirt Dress

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Small Plaid Button Down Shirt Dress
This one-of-a-kind, button down shirt dress is hand dyed manually one-at-a-time using shibori, an ancient Japanese resist dyeing technique making this piece a must have for your wardrobe! Made from rayon; the collar neckline, button front, flowy sleeves, and rouching detail all contribute to the uniqueness of this dress and your ability to turn heads when wearing it! This four seasons dress hangs in an angled finish and can be worn alone with a cute pair or slip-ons in the warmer months or paired with leggings and booties for the cooler months.
Longest Length: 43"
Shortest Length: 36"
Bust: 52"
Sleeve: 9"
Sleeve Opening: 8"
This fitted dress is one size fits most. Suggested fit small - lg.
Model is 5' 8"
*Please note each item is handmade, hand dyed, and/or hand painted one-at-a-time. Any variations in shadings, colors, spots in the design of the fabric are not consider imperfections, they are a natural result of the handcrafted process and are part of the beauty, artwork and uniqueness of the design in each piece of this wearable art piece.

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