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Artistic Impressions Resin Pendant Necklace

Artistic Impressions Resin Pendant Necklace

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Elevate your style with our Artistic Impressions Resin Pendant Necklace, a captivating blend of creativity and elegance. This statement piece features a mesmerizing abstract design meticulously crafted in vibrant resin. Each pendant is a unique masterpiece, showcasing dots, lines, and bursts of color that evoke a sense of imagination and artistic flair. Hung from an adjustable black wax cord, this necklace is sure to turn heads and spark conversations with its artistic charm.

Adjustable length: 18"-28"
Pendant: 5"x 2"

Care Instructions:
Remove jewelry when applying perfumes, creams, washing hands, etc. Do not store in direct sunlight. To restore color and shine, apply a drop of oil with a soft cloth.

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