Your Next Casual Weekend Outfit

Happy Friday my Fellow Fashionistas!
Today we are so ready for the weekend and we thought what a better day to post a casual outfit inspiration for your regular fall day. This is the perfect outfit to go pumpkin or apple picking or maybe if you feel a little more fierce pumpkin beer tasting... Can you tell we love FALL and all things pumpkin??
Anyways back to our outfit, this one was so simple and easy to put together (bonus points super comfortable) I started with the shoes as they are brand new and I needed an excuse to wear them. I paired these with jeans, a black cami top, and this grey cardi -- which is my favorite piece of clothing in my closet right now. Of course, you can never forget your accessories!! I added some sass to this casual outfit with an oversized bold statement necklace in grey and yellow (ps we LOVE this color combo) oh and did I mention this piece is so light you can barely feel it on (bonus points again it is adjustable so you can wear it long and short.)

Happy weekend!

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