Weekly Favorites

I think Thursdays are becoming our favorite day of the week! Today Camila is showing you how to wear our multi-color Petunia necklace, both the long and short versions! We love how bright and vibrant these necklaces are especially against the black jumpsuit Camila is wearing! Even though these necklaces are super similar, they offer a different look to the outfit.
The first necklace is the shorter version of the Petunia necklace. The beads are smaller in size, and double-layered to create more of a pendant pattern that sits nicely across the chest and makes for a fun neckline. We love how it lays perfectly right about the v neck of the jumpsuit and makes the whole outfit stand out! Sometimes it's hard to find a necklace that lays perfectly with certain necklines, but this one definitely does the trick!
The longer version of the Petunia necklace features the same bright and colorful beads, but in multiple sizes and longer in the length of the course. This also happens to sit on the neckline of this particular jumpsuit perfectly, outlining the v neck. It's almost as if this necklace was made for this jumpsuit! The bright colors of this necklace stand out against the black and complete the overall look of the outfit.

Which length necklace do you prefer, long or short?
We hope you're loving our weekly favorites as much as we do!
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