The Right Necklace For Each Neckline

If you've been in or near a store that sells any amount of jewelry, whether it be a small boutique or a large retailer, chances are you've seen statement jewelry. From loud, funky earrings to colorful, oversized rings, this trend is not going anywhere. Celebrities and bloggers love to accentuate their outfits with jewelry. You may have found yourself wondering... can I pull off the statement jewelry look??
If your jewelry collection has consisted of "safe," understated jewelry like small diamond or pearl stud earrings, one or two rings, and a small charm on a delicate necklace, it's time for you to add something new to your look. The good news is that you - yes, you - can pull off statement jewelry! You don't need to go crazy updating your accessories; one piece of jewelry can make clothes you've been wearing for years "pop" in brand new ways. When it comes to statement jewelry, remember that when it comes to your clothing, less is more: skip the patterns and let one piece of statement jewelry be the star of the show. Also, stick to one piece of statement jewelry at a time: too much can be overpowering and appear showy.
Some of our most popular items over the past few years have been statement necklaces. The great news is that nearly all necklines are suited for statement necklaces, so long as you consider proportions and patterns. We offer many lengths, colors, sizes, and textures, so you can easily create an outfit that will stand out in a crowd. So you ask what necklaces pair best with each neckline?
Over the next week, we will be talking about different necklines and which jewelry looks best with them so keep tuned to learn more!
Sylvia & Camila
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