Why you should own at least one statement necklace

I don’t need to convince most of my friends that they should own at least one statement necklace… Let’s face it, these accessories are fabulous, fun, and make you feel awesome! But perhaps you know that one person who is resistant, who never strays from their old standby gold chain.
So why should every person own at least one statement necklace?
1) They project confidence
You have to be bold to wear a statement necklace, as they don’t ask for attention, they demand it. If you’re having a bad hair kind of day but have to face the world with your confident head on, then a dramatic statement necklace can save the day.
2) They are FABULOUS and inject personality
Beaded or sparkly. Metallic or wooden. Geometric or edgy.  In all shapes, in all sizes, in all styles,  the statement necklace is one fabulous piece of fashion. . It makes ordinary clothes look something special and helps the wearer inject their own personal style.
3) They’re easy to wear
Earrings can get tangled in your hair. Bracelets can annoy you when you’re typing away. Delicate necklaces can get easily broken. You get the picture!
4) They liven up an outfit
A cocktail dress, jeans and a tee, even prints and patterns! The statement necklace will help liven up every outfit.
5) They’re kid friendly
Possibly not baby-proof…  But they sure tend to be hardier to crack and break than a beloved gold chain. Yes, you might experience a few casualties, but at least you won’t lose your precious expensive pieces to gritty little hands.
6) They bring attention to your face
Statement necklaces will attract people’s attention to your neck area and then to your beautiful face. The perfect piece for when you want people to be looking at you and listening to what you have to say! Plus they make an excellent talking point in those awkward situations when there’s nothing else to say.
Want to get the conversation flowing? Give them something to talk about with a favorite statement necklace from Sylca. What is not to love?
Til next time, friends!
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