Pueblito Collection

Pueblito Collection

Our newest collection, Pueblito, was inspired by a little town in Medellin Colombia known as "Pueblito Paisa"
This was my fiance's first trip to Colombia, and hopefully not the last! As many of you know I was born there so it is nice for him to see where I come from and of course meet family. It was also nice for me to be a tourist in my own country and see things that I had never seen before. One of our many stops was the Pueblito Paisa.

Pueblito Paisa, which actually translates to "little town" is full of character and bright colors. Located in the center of town atop of a hill in the valley of Medellin; this replica of a typical turn of the century Antioquia town comes complete with its traditional stone fountain and church, the unique historic buildings are all accented with bright colors of yellow, green, red, and blue.

As we sat on the balcony eating lunch and sipping wine we had the best view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. We could have sat there for days! We hope you get to visit this little town someday.

For the collection, we chose to show off the bright colors and unique designs to tell the story from our visit to Pueblito Paisa.

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Which pieces of the collection caught your eye?

Keep a lookout for our next collection coming soon! Where will Sylca take you next?


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