Hit the Road with Sylca

Hit the road with sylca
Summer’s coming :)

There’s nothing more exciting than setting your sights on a road trip with the girls or a grand adventure with the family. But, when you hit the road, who wants a bag to weigh you down?
With an average weight of a few ounces, Sylca Designs jewelry is the only kind you’ll want to pack when traveling!  Especially today, with everyone trying to avoid airline fees for checked luggage, traveling light is the only way.
Our recommendation? Tuck three statement necklaces in between your cotton shirts, a few pairs of earrings, and statement rings in a nylon zipped pouch, and you’re on your way. Pack even less clothing than usual, because, with a statement necklace, you’ll be able to transform one black dress into three different looks.
Watch out world!  You are going places.
Sylvia & Camila

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