Escape to Charleston!

Escape to Charleston!

We just got back from Charleston South Carolina where we were able to spend some time with the beautiful and joyful women of Affordables Apparel ... Oh did we have fun with these ladies! There was a fashion show with over 200 attendees and some shopping in between. For all of us fashionistas what is better than a fashion show and shopping with mimosas (I would personally say NOTHING)

Sylca Gold Statement Necklace Sylca Wooden Necklace in Reds

But like you all probably know life is not all about work so whenever we can we try to squeeze in some pleasure in between work travels (which to be honest is most times we travel)

While in Charleston we visited the Middleton Plantation! WOW was this place gorgeous (we highly recommend it) We hope you get to enjoy some of the pictures we took while at the plantation.




Sylvia & Camila

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