We Love Summer But It's Time To Say 'Till Next Time...

Hi Friends,
Today is a bit of a sad day because it is our LAST outfit inspiration of the year that will have a summer outfit. So here it goes, bye bye summer..... Do we really have to part ways already???
On a positive note, we do have Labor day weekend coming up so we need to focus on all the fun we will have while we say goodbye. What are you guys doing this Labor Day weekend? We have family coming into town to visit! Our niece/granddaughter will be here so we couldn't be happier :) :) She is now 6 months old, can you believe it- time really does fly.
unqiue Handmade beaded necklace with big pendent
pink flowy dress
Today's outfit is simple yet so comfortable and stylish. This flowy pink dress is so versatile and easy to wear that it ended up being one of my most popular dresses, and probably the most practical one to style — especially during those HOT summer days. I can dress it up with a fancier statement necklace and some heals or make it casual with flip flops and an easy-going summery necklace.
Handmade beaded necklace with big pendent
Hope you guys like today's outfit!
Sylvia & Camila
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