Colombia Christmas Traditions

Colombia Christmas Traditions

With the Christmas season upon us we wanted to share some of our favorite Colombian traditions with you!

We would kick off the Christmas season with Día de las Velitas' or Day of the little Candles where everyone would decorate their houses with tons of candles and festive lights! It was always fun to walk around to see all the decorations!

Like most, some of our traditions include decorating the house with holiday decor, candles in the windows, a nativity scene, and of course, a Christmas tree! The nativity scene was especially important, as we would right letters to baby Jesus letting him know the presents we wanted each year!

The one tradition I loved most growing up was taking part in Novenas. This started on the 16th of December and went until Christmas eve. Each night we would gather with family and friends for prayers, caroling, and of course, yummy food!

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


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